Paperlust is an online designer marketplace for quality print products (wedding invitations etc), which launched in November 2015. I joined the Paperlust team during the alpha stage, in a mixed role as UI/UX designer, print designer and co-manager of a growing community of contributors.

Paperlust has two user groups - customers, and designers (contributors). I designed a number of web pages for the beta stage. In the first project, the aim was to resolve content hierarchy issues and improve presentation of products on the eCommerce side of the website. In the second project, I designed a series of pages to provide information for the “designer challenges” (for contributors to use), and showcase work in a gallery for contributors and customers to vote on their favourite designs.

The success of Paperlust relies on contributions from designers, who get paid a commission with every sale of their work, so it was important to capture interest and provide an easy way for them to submit work. Specialising in interaction design, I mapped out a series of user flows, to help with the planning and design of a prototype. After testing the prototype with business stakeholders and users, I then applied visual design based on the company’s brand identity.

paperlust product page

Product Page visual design

paperlust challenge submission lightbox

Challenge Submission Lightbox visual design

paperlust challenge page wireframe

Challenge Page high fidelity wireframe

paperlust voting gallery wireframe

Voting Gallery low fidelity wireframe

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